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3-Day Training- All Classes will be Fri, Saturday and Sunday

Fri- Online(Live) 9am-1pm CST- Sat/Sun 9am-4pm local time of the location.

All classes require a $350 deposit and the full balance to be paid 14 days prior to class.

Lifetime assistance after class is available via our online learning portal.

This class is suitable for all levels of the industry. Expect to obtain work and clients during class. Attendees should come to class ready to work.
Dispatch Manager and Broker Leads will host the class with guest trainers from our dispatch dept, compliance team, ins reps, factoring companies, and more!!

Course Outline



Over 11 hours or training will be sent 1 week prior to training start date to prepare you for in person training. This will include all business set up, systems, contracts and agreements. We will cover loadboard access, TMS systems, fees, requirements and more. This training will show you detailed steps on how to create a digital process to onboard your carriers in minutes. Fri from 9A-1P (CST) we will have live instructor based training to answer questions and make sure everyone has everything set for the in person training! 



In Person Broker Training covering EVERYTHING on brokering. Obtaining shippers, carriers, compliance, bidding, creating docs(rates and invoicing). This training will be very detailed and hands on. Trucker terms and equipment types as well as expanding. Booking process from A-Z and posting loads as a broker. If it has to do with being a broker we are covering it. Listen to live  calls to shippers and customers. 



Dispatch Training- Load Booking Process, rates, signing docs, obtaining drivers to dispatch and more. Please come prepared to talk to drivers and onboard to your company. Live calls will be made in class. Our staff will provide list of drivers ready to start work the following week. Will cover invoicing, permits, all equipment, howo to charge and keep drivers consistent and growing your company! Be ready to work!

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