Advanced Tractor Trailer Operator Program – 130 Hours

Week One: 37.5 Hours-Classroom
• Orientation
• DOT Drug Screen
• Medical Exams
• General Knowledge
• Air Brake Systems
• Combination Vehicles
• Pre-trip Inspection

Week Two: 37.5 Hours-Classroom/Lab
• Hours of Service
• Shifting
• Backing
• Coupling and Uncoupling
• Accident Procedures
• Trip Planning/Handling Cargo
**The above subject matters will be covered in the following matter: Videos, Lectures,
demonstrations, and book work. During the first two weeks, students will be tested on all
subjects covered. These subjects will be applied during your field training. You will also be
prepared to take your CDL permit and endorsement tests during week one.

Week Three: 37.5 Hours-Field Training and Lab
• Range/Road Training
• Straight Line Backing
• 90’ Backing
• Shifting up/Down
• Parallel Parking
• Throttle and Clutch Control
**Once above training is complete, students should be able to complete vehicle inspection,
describe engine controls, recognize malfunctions, complete a log book, secure a load, etc.

**Objective: For students to become proficient in the above skills and pass the State of Texas
CDL Test