Wright Lane's Profit and Strategies Consulting will show you how to develop strategies designed to maximize your companies assets and resources. We also ensure you have a better understanding of your costs versus expenses.

Our consultants have the experience and training to effectively analyze your trucking company and create a strategy and plan specific to your business.

When we assess your company, we identify strengths and weaknesses. This allows for strategies to be implemented that will turn weaknesses into strengths. We also provide solutions to improve management and create bigger profits and less expenses. 

All companies are not the same, and your situation is unique. This is not an idea, but a starting block to understanding how we can create a plan and strategies to fit each client's assets and resources. New methods and procedures must acclimate with your company's mission, vision and core values.

As a leading transportation company, we understand what it takes to make trucking companies profitable and successful. Our trucking consultants are ready to help you maximize productivity and achieve sustained success.




  • An initial phone interview with one of our trucking profitability consultants to get acquainted with your company

  • A series of questionnaires to collect financial data, year-to-date operating statements, and other supporting data

  • Onsite location (if local) visit for fact-finding, evaluations, cost analysis, process analysis, interviews, and assessment of key personnel --- Out of area visits are available and subject to availability and pricing

  • A detailed written analysis listing the strengths and weaknesses of the company

  • A cost analysis of the company’s operations

  • An action plan profitability strategy for saving your trucking company money

  • Creation of profitability plan solutions to basic weaknesses within the company

  • Implementation assistance and ongoing advisory services if needed

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