training faqs

Will I receive my License after class?

In order to become a licensed broker, you must complete the licensing process. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks and can be completed at any time.

what are and how do i get my credentials?

Before you start operating in the field, you need to get a freight broker license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The licensing is also referred to as obtaining your Motor Carrier Operating Authority (MC authority).

Your first step in getting licensed is to get a USDOT number, which is required on the application form. Then you can start the registration process on FMCSA’s website. Along with filling in the freight broker application form, OP-1, you have to also pay the one-time application fee of $300. You can find further instructions for filling in OP-1 HERE. The processing time is between four and six weeks.

Once your application has been approved, the FMCSA will send you your MC number by mail. The MC number, however, does not mean you can start business yet. When it’s issued, it gets posted on the Register page of the FMCSA. Within 10 days, anybody who finds a problem with your registration can protest against it. After this period, you are granted the MC authority.

What is a surety bond and how much is it?

In the United States, freight broker surety bonds are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to move property such as household goods or freight and motor cargo (vehicles). Their role is to guarantee that freight brokers and auto transport brokers will operate according to their agreements with shippers and motor carriers. If a freight broker or auto transport broker does not comply with their contract, the carrier or the shipper may file a claim.

Any  startup cost associated with starting this type of business?

With starting any business venture there are start up expenses that can start at $1200 but will be dependent on the cost of insurance, type of business structure and operational costs.

do you offer any online classes?

Yes. From time to time we offer online classes via live webinar. These classes are just as beneficial as the on-site classes and we provide the same resources and materials. We offer the classes live so that attendees can be as interactive as they would in a classroom setting. You can view our upcoming training classes HERE.


Classes are offered as the trainers become available. The best way to receive notifications is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram and check our website frequently. You can view our upcoming training classes HERE.

How much is the class?

Pricing for classes are listed on our training registration page.

are there payment plans for classes?

NO. In order to register for any class, full payment must be made at time of booking.

how long are the classes?

Our classes are one day 8-hour classes. Typically, on Saturdays from 9:00AM until 5:00PM. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

Is there any testing involved with completing the licensing process?

NO. There is no testing or training required in order to become a licensed broker.


YES. We DO NOT run a criminal background check and NO criminal background checks are done during the licensing process.

I already have an existing trucking company, am I allowed to take this class?

YES. Many existing companies take our training courses to expand their current line of business.

I have no previous transportation industry experience; will this class help those with no prior knowledge?

Yes. This class is for anyone wanting to start a business as a Freight Broker.

I already have an existing and active Broker Authority. Are there any other options for me besides taking this course?

YES. We offer consultations. To schedule or see more information about our consultation, CLICK HERE.

what is the salary range for a freight broker?

A one-person company can easily make over $100,000 first year. Those that add freight agents under their Brokerage can make this amount for each employee in the company and pay them based off sales. Typically 30% of profits.

can i work from home?

Most brokers start working from home and expand to an office as their company grows.

how long does it take to start seeing a return on my investment?

As soon as you start booking loads is when your cash flow starts. The more energy and effort you put into it, the quicker your return will begin showing.

Why are your training prices so low compared to competitors?

We keep it simple; there is no need to charge thousands for a class and take a week of your time. Our program is done in one day and has proven to work. See our Facebook reviews here.

Do you offer and assistance after training?

YES. Our trainers are available for 30 days for any questions you have regarding training.


YES. We are accredited and have an A+ rating with the BBB.